Value-added services

Services far beyond transportation

Logistic Services offers a complete package of services that goes well beyond transportation and comprises endless options in Value-Added Services. Service Merchandising is part of our core business . Every day, our field staff visits clients to take over the management of their non-food shelves. They can assist you with building displays, casing maintenance, check of best before date, and shelf cleaning. They are experts at responding to the latest trends and are happy to advise you on new products.
Discover our custom services:

Product photography

We will capture your products in professional pack or mood shots, suitable for use in webshops and Spaceman.


With our extensive experience in the field of SEO, our copywriters will craft creative product descriptions that will appear at the top of search engine results.

E-commerce B2B & B2C

We provide long tail solutions for your product range and advice regarding your webshop.

Loyalty programs

Leave the implementation and management to us: from storage to transport and promotion.

Sales support

You can use our extensive network to bring your product to market. Over 100 field staff visit our customers every day.

Visual presentation

With our specialized photo application, we can visualize your shop presentation for you, so you can see how the products will be presented on the shop floor.